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Lack of transportation keeps person from medical appointments, meetings, work, or activities of daily living, past 12 months


For adults 18 and older who completed the Social and Health Experiences (SHE) self-administered questionnaire (SDOHELIG), TRANSBAR indicates whether, during the last 12 months, a lack of reliable transportation kept them from medical appointments, meetings, work, or from getting things needed for daily living. TRANSBAR1 was fielded as one of eighteen questions about health-related social needs included in the Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) supplement fielded via the 2021 SHE pencil-and-paper questionnaire. The SHE questionnaire was the first MEPS-HC questionnaire to be fielded using paper and web modes. Please see SATISFIED for more information on the SDOH supplement, including a complete list of variables fielded on the 2021 SHE.

Related Variables
The SDOH supplement included on the 2021 SHE included a series of questions that asked respondents to indicate whether their health-related social needs were being met. These questions were adapted from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Accountable Health Communities (ACH) Health-Related Social Needs (HRSN) Screening tool, which measures whether an individual has any unmet health-related social needs, and from the Urban Institute's 2018 Well-Being and Basic Needs Survey, which measures well-being and a family's ability to meet basic needs. The ACH HRSN Screening tool items were developed from multiple sources, which are included in the Sources section below. In addition to TRANSBAR, the Health-Related Social Needs variables include the following:

Problems Paying Mortgage/Rent and Utilities 

  • LATERENT: Household's rent/mortgage was late or unpaid because household could not afford to pay, past 12 months2
  • LATEUTIL: Household unable to pay electric, gas, oil, or water bills on time, past 12 months2
  • SHUTUTIL: Home utilities were threatened to be shut off, past 12 months2

Problems Paying Bills and Covering Expenses 

  • HARDPAYBASIC: How hard to pay basics like food, housing, medical care, and heating3
  • UNEXPEXP: How confident able to come up with $400 if an unexpected expense arose within the next month2
  • MISSPAYCCLN: Missed a payment on a credit card or loan (not including mortgage), last 12 months2
  • DEBTCOLL: Contacted by debt collection agency, last 12 months2

Problems with Home 

  • HOMPROBPEST: The place where person lives has problems with pests4
  • HOMPROBMOLD: The place where person lives has problems with mold4
  • HOMPROBLEAD: The place where person lives has problems with lead paint or pipes4
  • HOMPROBHEAT: The place where person lives has problems with lack of heat4
  • HOMPROBCOOK: The place where person lives has problems with oven or stove not working4
  • HOMPROBSMKDT: The place where person lives has problems with smoke detectors missing or not working4
  • HOMPROBLEAKS: The place where person lives has problems with water leaks4
  • HOMPROBNONE: The place where person lives does not have housing quality problems4

Food Insecurity 

  • FSNOTLAST12M: Worried about food running out before person got money to buy more, last 12 months5
  • FSRUNOUT12M: Food didn't last and person did not have money to get more, last 12 months5


Codes and Frequencies

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  • 2021: Sample adults age 18+ and eligible for SDOH with data recorded (SDOHELIG).


  • 2021



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