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Eligibility status for SDOH supplement


SDOHELIG indicates whether the respondent was eligible for the Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) supplement, which was fielded via the 2021 MEPS-HC Social and Health Experiences (SHE) self-administered questionnaire, and if the respondent was eligible for the SDOH, whether an SDOH record exists for that respondent in the round. Respondents completed the SHE questionnaire once in either Round 1 for Panel 26, Round 3 for Panel 25, Round 5 for Panel 24, or Round 7 for Panel 23. Respondents were ineligible for the SDOH if there was no record for the person in the round, if the person was not key, if the person was deceased or institutionalized, moved out of the U.S., moved to a military facility, if the person’s disposition status was inapplicable, or if the person was less than 18 years old. The SHE questionnaire was the first MEPS-HC questionnaire to be fielded using paper and web modes. Please see SATISFIED for more information on the SDOH supplement, including a complete list of variables fielded on the 2021 SHE.

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  • 2021: Sample adults age 18+ and sample children ages 1-17.


  • 2021



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