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RECTYPE is an IPUMS MEPS-constructed variable that allows users to discriminate between the different records in the data. For non-vacant households, each household record is followed by one or more person records. Data at the household level pertain to each person in the household.

Round level records indicate information that is collected during one or more of the five interview rounds that each respondent participates in.

Event and prescribed medicine refill records indicate information that is collected for a specific medical event. Condition level records indicate information that is collected about a specific medical condition. Please see our user note for an overview of the event, medical conditions, and prescribed medicines variables, how those variables are offered through IPUMS MEPS, and general considerations to keep in mind when conducting analyses using these variables.

Event-medication refill link and condition-event link records indicate information that can be used to link event records to medication refill records and condition records to event and/or medication refill records, respectively.


Rectype is a 1-character alphabetic variable.

RECTYPE is a 1-character alphabetic variable.

P Person
R Round
E Event
X Condition
J Condition-Event Link


There are no comparability issues.


  • 1996-2019: All households.


  • 1996-2019


  • No weights are available for this variable. Please refer to RECTYPE for more information.


This variable has no flags.