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For office-based medical provider visits and home health events (EVENTYPE), MPCELIG reports whether the event was eligible for Medical Provider Component data collection. MPCELIG is not reported for home health events in 1996.

IPUMS MEPS reports the universe for each variable based on a thorough review of the original MEPS documentation. Investigating the data may reveal cases that do not meet the stated universe. Users are encouraged to validate universes for their analyses.

MEPS Medical Provider Component 

The MEPS MPC collects data from a sample of medical providers who provided medical care to MEPS Household Component (HC) respondents. Data from the MPC are not released as standalone files and are used solely for editing and imputing data collected during the MEPS-HC.

MPCELIG is on the event record (see RECTYPE for more details on the different record types in IPUMS MEPS). Variables offered on the event record through IPUMS MEPS are derived from the dental visits, other medical expenses, hospital inpatient stays, emergency room visits, outpatient visits, office-based medical provider visits, and home health event files provided by AHRQ. Please see our overview of the event, medical conditions, and prescribed medicines variables, including how those variables are offered through IPUMS MEPS, and general considerations to keep in mind when conducting analyses using these variables.

Codes and Frequencies

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Other than changes in universe there are no comparability issues.


  • 1996: Office-based medical provider visits (EVENTYPE).
  • 1997-2021: Office-based medical provider visits and home health events (EVENTYPE).


  • 1996-2021



This variable has no flags.