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Expect child to have healthy life


For children ages 0 to 17, HLTHYLIFE reports the response to the question, "I expect (PERSON) will have a very healthy life."

IPUMS MEPS reports the universe for each variable based on a thorough review of the original MEPS documentation. Investigating the data may reveal cases that do not meet the stated universe. Users are encouraged to validate universes for their analyses.

HLTHYLIFE is part of the General Health Subscale of the Child Health Questionnaire, which is collected on the Child Preventive Health Supplement. See NEVERILL for more information on the General Health Subscale and LESSHLTHY for more information on the Child Preventive Health Supplement.

Codes and Frequencies

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There are no comparability issues.


  • 2001-2013: Children ages 0-17.


  • 2001-2013



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