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Ever had cancer: Other kind


For persons ages 18 and older who have ever been diagnosed as having cancer or a malignancy of any kind (CANCEREV), CNOTHR indicates if the type of cancer was one other than the types specified in the other cancer variables. CNOTHRAG and CNOTHRRMS indicate the age the individual was diagnosed with this cancer and whether the cancer is in remission, respectively.

For related variables and more information about the cancer variables included in MEPS, please see CNBLAD.

Codes and Frequencies

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From 2008 to 2011, specific cancer diagnosis variables with a frequency count less than 4 were removed from the public use file for confidentiality reasons. From 2012 forward, cancer diagnosis variables with a frequency count less than 20 and those considered clinically rare according to the National Institute of Health's list of rare diseases were removed from the public use file. Individuals whose specific cancer diagnosis information was suppressed had their value of CNOTHR recoded to "Mentioned" (2). Because cancers that meet those criteria change from year to year, the kinds of cancers suppressed from the public file and subsequently included in the frequency count of CNOTHR change from year to year.


  • 2008-2021: All persons ages 18+ who have ever been told they had cancer (CANCEREV).


  • 2008-2021



This variable has no flags.