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How often felt calm/peaceful, past 4 weeks


For adults aged 18 and older, ADPCFL indicates how much of the time in the last four weeks the respondent felt calm and peaceful. ADPCFL is one of a set of variables comprising the Veteran's RAND 12-item (VR-12) measure of health status on the Adult Self-Administered Questionnaire (SAQ). For related variables and more information, please see ADDAYA.

Codes and Frequencies

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Beginning in 2017, MEPS transitioned to using the Veteran's RAND 12-item (VR-12) measure of health status instead of the SF-12, and replaced ADCAPE with the variable ADPCFL. ADPCFL is identical to ADCAPE except that, instead of using a five-point response scale, it uses a six-point response scale.


  • 2017-2021: Adults aged 18 and older.


  • 2017-2021



This variable has no flags.