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Did work less carefully because of emotional problems: past 4 weeks


For adults aged 18 and older, ADMWLM indicates how much of the time in the last four weeks the respondent did work or other activities less carefully than usual as a result of any emotional problems, such as feeling depressed or anxious. Beginning in 2017, MEPS reversed the order of the response categories in the original variable. IPUMS MEPS staff recoded this variable so that response categories are consistent across all years. This may require users to recode certain years of data to calculate the physical component summary (PCS) and mental component summary (MCS) scores.

ADMWLM is one of a set of variables comprising the Veteran's RAND 12-item scale measuring self-rated health, collected on the Adult Self-Administered Questionnaire (SAQ). For related variables and more information, please see ADDAYA.

Codes and Frequencies

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From 2003 through 2016, respondents answered the question for ADMWLM using a scale from 1 to 5 in which 1 stood for "All of the time" and 5 stood for "None of the time." Beginning in 2017, this response scale was reversed such that 1 represents "None of the time" and 5 represents "All of the time." This variable has been recoded to a scale from 0 to 4, where 0 stands for "None of the time" and 4 stands for "All of the time" from 2003 through the present year of data.


  • 2003-2021: Adults aged 18 and older


  • 2003-2021



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