1996 Medical Expenditure Panel Survey Section Details

MEPS - Household Component (HC) Sections
MEPS-HC Sections Topic Panel Round
Access to Care (AC) Usual Source of Care (USC) Details; Barriers to Care 1 2
Alternative/Preventive Care (AP) Frequency of Check-ups; Flu Shots; Preventive Health Exams 1 3
Calendar (CA) Health Events Calendar 1 1,2,3
Condition Enumeration (CE) Summary Assessment of Physical & Mental Health; Physical & Mental Health Conditions, Accidents, Injuries 1 1,2,3
Closing (CL) Authorization Forms for Each Unique Person-Provider Pair & Each Unique Person-Establishment Pair 1 1,2,3
Conditions (CN) Physical and Mental Health Conditions Identified through Medical Events or Disability Days; Accident/Injury; Priority Conditions; Medical Attention for Accidents, Injuries, and Priority Conditions; When Condition First Occurred; Condition Severity; Current Status of Condition; Treatments Received for Condition; Whether Condition was Related to Service in US Armed Forces 1 1,2,3
Charge Payment (CP) Total Charges & Sources of Payment for Medical Events 1 1,2,3
Disability Days (DD) Impact of Physical Illness, Injury, Mental, Emotional Problem on Household Members' Attendance At Work or School 1 1,2,3
Dental Care (DN) Dental Care Visit; Type of Dental Care Provider; Treatments & Services Performed; Prescribed Medicines 1 1,2,3
Event Driver (ED) Verifies & Modifies Information Entered in Provider Probes, Event Roster, & Provider Roster Sections 1 1,2,3
Employment (EM) Employment or Self-Employment Status 1 1,2,3
Overall Structure of Employment Directs CAPI Program through Loop of Employment-Related Questions for Each Person 16 or Older 1 1,2,3
Emergency Room (ER) Health Conditions Requiring Emergency Room Care; Medical Services Provided; Surgical Procedures Performed; Prescribed Medicines; Physicians/Surgeons Providing ER Care 1 1,2,3
Event Roster (EV) Detail on Event Dates, Type of Event, & Type of Provider 1 1,2,3
Employment Wage (EW) Wage Structure for Non-Self Employed, Current Jobs 1 1,2,3
Flat Fee (FF) Types of Medical Payment Arrangements that Charge A Grouped Amount, or Flat Fee, for Multiple Visits or Services 1 1,2,3
Health Status (HE) Physical Impairment & Limitations; Assistance/Supervision; HIV/AIDS & Assitive Equipment 1 1,2,31
Home Health (HH) Types of Healthcare Workers Providing Home Health Services; Reasons for Home Healthcare; Nature of Home Health Services Provided; Frequency of Visits; Length per Visits; Duration of Visits 1 1,2,3
Private Health Insurance Detail (HP) Private Health Insurance Policy; Insurance Company; Policyholder; Household Coverage 1 1,2,3
Time Period Covered Detail (HQ) Timeframe of Health Insurance Coverage 1 1,2,3
Hospital Stay (HS) Hospital Length of Stay; Reasons or Conditions Requiring Hospitalization; Surgical Procedures Performed; Medicines Prescribed; Physicians & Surgeons Providing Hospital Care 1 1,2,3
Health Insurance (HX) Details on Private Health Insurance Obtained through Employer, Direct Purchase Private Insurance Plans, or Public Health Insurance Programs. 1 1,2,3
Income (IN) Federal Income Tax Filing Status; Itemized Deductions for Health Insurance Premiums; Tax Credits; Wages; Other Private Income Sources; Public Assistance Income 1 3
Managed Care (MC) Coverage Under Private Managed Care Plans; HMO; Other Types of Managed Care Plans; Non-Managed Care Plans; Characteristics of Insurance Plan 1 1,2,3
Medical Provider Visits (MV) Nature of Contacts or Visits; Type of Provider; Time Spent with Provider; Health Conditions Requiring Medical Provider Services; Treatments/Services Performed; Surgical Procedures; Prescribed Medicines. 1 1,2,3
Over-the-Counter Medicines (OC) Over-the-Counter Medication Purchases for the Family; Associated Conditions for which Medications were Purchased; Price Paid for Over-the-Counter Medications 1 1,2,3
Old Employment & Private Related Insurance (OE) For RU Members that Hold Same Job in Rounds 2-5, Details on Continuation of Insurance Coverage 1 1,2,3
Other Medical Expenses (OM) Expenses for Glasses/Contact Lenses or Insulin & Other Diabetic Equipment or Supplies 1 1,2,3
Outpatient Department (OP) Outpatient Department Care, Nature of Contact; Type of Care Received; Health Conditions Requiring Outpatient Services; Treatments & Services Performed; Surgical Procedures; Prescribed Medicines; Physicians/Surgeons Providing Outpatient Services 1 1,2,3
Provider Directory (PD) Directory of all Medical Persons & Medical Facilities Reported By MEPS Respondents 1 1,2,3
Pregnancy Detail (PG) Current Pregnancy Status; Pregnancy Duration; Pregnancy Complications; Number of Births; Place of Delivery for Live Births; Type of Delivery for Live Births; Infant Birth Weight for Live Births 1 1,2,3
Prescribed Medicines (PM) Details on Prescribed Medicines Reported in Medical Events Sections; Additional Prescriptions 1 1,2,3
Provider Probes (PP) Medical Professionals & Practitioners; Medical Facility or Clinic; Hospital/Medical Services 1 1,2,3
Old Public Related Insurance (PR) For RU Members Covered During Previous Round by Government Sponsored Insurance Providers, Details on Continuation of Coverage 1 1,2,3
Provider Roster (PV) Details on Medical Provider 1 1,2,3
Reenumeration Section Subsection A (RE-A) Includes Questions RE01 Through RE75, which Identify & Define The Eligibility Status for Each Person/Family Unit Living Within Each MEPS Sampled Household 1 1,2,3
Reenumeration Section Subsection B (RE-B) Includes Questions RE76 through RE112. This Section Details how Family Members are Related to One Another & Size of the Family Unit 1 1,2,3
Review of Employment Information (RJ) Job Status; Salary where Changes in Wages Occur; Full- or Part-Time Work; Health Insurance Benefits; Size of Employment Establishment if Jobholder is Self Employed 1 1,2,3
Information Screen (RS) Interviewer Problems, Instructions & Records 1 1,2,3
Satisfaction with Health Plan (SP) Satisfaction with: Private Insurance, Medigap, Medicare Managed Care Programs, Medicaid/SCHIP, and TRICARE; Access to Medical Care; Need to Seek Approval for Medical Treatments; Delays in Care; Access to Understandable Plan Information; Consequences of Poor Medical Care Access; Need to Fill Out Paperwork; Problems Filling Out Paperwork; Overall Health Plan Rating 1 2
1. in the Health Status (HE) section, questions HE01 through HE25 are asked in Rounds 1, 3, & 5 & questions HE26 through HE42 are asked in Rounds 2 & 4.