Citation of IPUMS MEPS

The IPUMS MEPS terms of use stipulate that the data are appropriately cited. Publications and research reports should include the appropriate citation. The current IPUMS MEPS citation is as follows:

For policy briefs, online resources, or articles in the popular press, we recommend that you cite the use of IPUMS MEPS data as follows:

IPUMS MEPS, University of Minnesota,

Users should also acknowledge the MEPS source data provided by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, which are the underlying data used by IPUMS MEPS.

Please see the IPUMS MEPS DOI version history for previous versions of the data and the revision history for documentation about changes to the data over time.

The terms of use further require that data users provide us with the title and full citation for any publications, research reports, or educational materials making use of the data or documentation. Please add citations to the IPUMS bibliography.