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MEPS unique identifier (IPUMS generated)


[ PRELIMINARY VARIABLE: Variable description may change once we confirm the universe and assess the comparability of this variable over time. ]

For all persons, MEPSID is a variable that uniquely identifies respondents across MEPS panels. It is created by combining PANEL, DUID, and PID. IPUMS MEPS staff create MEPSID for the 1996-2017 samples to provide a single, universal linking key for MEPS persons. Beginning in 2018, AHRQ modified the identifiers DUID and DUPERSID (which combines DUID with PID) on the original MEPS data files to append information about PANEL to the first two columns. This update makes DUPERSID identical to MEPSID in the IPUMS MEPS extract system for 2018-forward.

In earlier versions of IPUMS MEPS, IPUMS MEPS staff created a slightly different version of MEPSID, equivalent to combining DUID, PID, and PANEL. This version has been renamed to MEPSID2 and is only available for 1996-2017.


This is a 10-character string variable.


The comparability of this variable over time has not yet been assessed.


The universe for this variable has not yet been confirmed.


  • 1996-2019


  • No weights are available for this variable. Please refer to MEPSID for more information.


This variable has no flags.