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Years of education and degree completed


For all persons age five and older, EDUYRDG reports a person's year of education or highest degree completed at the time of the interview. EDUYRDG was introduced in 2011, and phased out of the survey beginning in 2015 with Panel 20, due to the reintroduction of EDUCYR and HIDEG.

Codes and Frequencies

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EDUYRDG was introduced in Panel 15 Round 5 and Panel 16 Round 3, and was only asked of new responding unit members in 2011. Beginning in 2012 for Panel 16 Round 3 and Panel 17 Round 1, EDUYRDG was asked of all participants upon entering MEPS.

For 2011 and 2012, EDUYRDG offers each year of education before high school diploma or GED separately. Beginning in 2013, these categories are collapsed into "Less than/equal to 8th grade" and "9-12th grade, No diploma." Additionally, beginning in 2013, advanced degrees beyond Bachelor's Degrees are collapsed into one category, called "Advanced Degree."


  • 2011: Persons age 5+ who are in their 5th (Panel 15) or 3rd (Panel 16) round interview and who are new RU members.
  • 2012: Persons age 5+ who are in their 3-5th interview round (Panel 16) or any interview round (Panel 17) and who are new RU members.
  • 2013: Persons age 5+.
  • 2014: Persons age 5+ who are in their 1-4th interview round (Panel 18) or 1-2 interview round (Panel 19)
  • 2015: Persons age 5+ who are in their 1-2nd interview round and who are in Panel 19.


  • 2011-2015



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