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Diabetes care weight


For all persons, DIABWEIGHT is an IPUMS MEPS-constructed variable based on the Final Diabetes Care Supplement Weight in the original MEPS annual full-year consolidated files. This weight should be used for many cross-sectional analyses at the person level, particularly with variables for which information was collected about persons selected for the self-administered Diabetes Care Survey (DCS) (individuals who reported that they had ever been told by a health care professional that they had diabetes). DIABWEIGHT adjusts for DCS non-response. For each year, the sum of these weights is equal to that year's estimated U.S. population of civilian, non-institutionalized diabetics aged 18 and older. Only persons who answer "yes" to DCSDIABDX have a positive value for DIABWEIGHT. For more information about the DCS, please see the Diabetes Care Survey user note.

Users should review the documentation for extracted variables--most notably the "Weights" section toward the top of each variable description--to ascertain which weight is the appropriate choice for a given survey year.


DIABWEIGHT is a 12-digit numeric variable with 6 implied decimal places. That is, a value of 012345678912 should be interpreted as 12345.678912. The command files delivered with IPUMS extracts automatically divide DIABWEIGHT by 1,000,000, so no further adjustment is needed.


This variable is comparable for all years.


  • 2000-2021: All persons.


  • 2000-2021



This variable has no flags.