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Delay in medical care due to COVID pandemic


For all persons in scope, CVDLAYCA indicates whether there was a delay in medical care due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

A section on COVID variables was introduced in 2020 to gather information on each family member's ability to receive care during the Coronavirus pandemic. The family respondent was asked whether anyone in the family experienced delays in getting medical care (CVDLAYCA), dental care (CVDLAYDN), or prescription medication (CVDLAYPM). If the family respondent indicated that a family member had experienced delayed care due to the Coronavirus pandemic, they were then asked to identify which family member had delayed care. COVID questions were asked during the round 7 (for persons in their third year of data collection (RELYR), round 5 (for persons in their second year of data collection), and round 3 (for persons in their first year of data collection).

Related Variables

Other delay in care due to COVID variables:

  • CVDLAYDN: delay getting dental care due to COVID
  • CVDLAYPM: delay getting prescription medication due to COVID

COVID Vaccination Status variables:

  • CVDVAX: Ever had COVID-19 vaccine

Please refer to our variable group page on "Delayed/Unmet Need Variables" for more information about MEPS variables capturing delayed or unmet need for medical care.

Codes and Frequencies

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This variable has no comparability issues.


  • 2020: All persons excluding individuals who were non-response, dead, or institutionalized during the interview round 3 for individuals in their first year of data collection, round 5 for individuals in their second year of data collection, or round 7 for individuals in their third year of data collection.


  • 2020



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