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Clinical classification refined code 2


For all current conditions associated with a medical event or prescribed medicine during the year, CCSR2 reports the Clinical Classification Software Refined (CCSR) category for a condition. CCSR is used with ICD10CODE diagnosis codes to group medical conditions into clinically meaningful categories. One ICD10CODE may map up to five CCSR categories, but only three CCSR categories are offered on the MEPS public use files. The CCSR categories for CCSR1, CCSR2, and CCSR3 are listed in alphabetical order and do not indicate a primary and secondary diagnosis. See the CCSR user guide for more information.

IPUMS MEPS reports the universe for each variable based on a thorough review of the original MEPS documentation. Investigating the data may reveal cases that do not meet the stated universe. Users are encouraged to validate universes for their analyses.

For confidentiality purposes, when the frequency for a CCSR category was less than 20 for the unweighted population or less than 200,000 for the weighted population, the categories were collapsed into a broader code for the appropriate body system. Also, some CCSR codes were recoded to "Unknown-not ascertained" (999999) based on the frequencies of ICD10CODE and CCSR pairs. These recodings affected less than 2% and 1% of records in 2018, respectively.

CCSR2 is on the condition record (see RECTYPE for more details on the different record types in IPUMS MEPS). Variables offered on the condition record through IPUMS MEPS are derived from the Medical Conditions file provided by AHRQ. Please see our overview of the event, medical conditions, and prescribed medicines variables, including how those variables are offered through IPUMS MEPS, and general considerations to keep in mind when conducting analyses using these variables.

CCSR Codes


There are no comparability issues.


  • 2018-2021: All current conditions that link to an event or prescribed medicine record during the year.


  • 2018-2021



This variable has no flags.