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Clinical classification code


For all current conditions, CCCODE reports the clinical classification category for ICD-9-CM codes (ICD9CODE). The clinical classification categories group similar conditions into mutually exclusive categories, most of which are clinically homogenous. Beginning in 2016, conditions are coded to ICD-10-CM diagnosis codes (ICD10CODE) and clinical classification software refined codes (CCSR1) are offered beginning in 2018.

IPUMS MEPS reports the universe for each variable based on a thorough review of the original MEPS documentation. Investigating the data may reveal cases that do not meet the stated universe. Users are encouraged to validate universes for their analyses.

Fully specified ICD-9-CM codes were mapped to CCCODE before being collapsed to the three-digit code offered in ICD9CODE (see ICD9CODE for details on how conditions are coded to ICD-9-CM codes). In most cases, when ICD9CODE was recoded for confidentiality purposes no changes were made to CCCODE. A small number (less than 2 percent in each year) of CCCODE values have been edited for confidentiality purposes. Additionally, CCCODE was recoded to "999" (Unknown) for conditions denoting a pregnancy in persons younger than 16 or older than 44. See ICD9CODE for more details on the data collection and coding processes for the fully specified ICD-9-CM codes.

CCCODE is on the condition record (see RECTYPE for more details on the different record types in IPUMS MEPS). Variables offered on the condition record through IPUMS MEPS are derived from the Medical Conditions file provided by AHRQ. Please see our overview of the event, medical conditions, and prescribed medicines variables, including how those variables are offered through IPUMS MEPS, and general considerations to keep in mind when conducting analyses using these variables.


CCCODE is a 3-character string variable.



There were some changes to the clinical classification categories over time. In 2004, the coding of mental disorders was revised, with codes 650-663 replacing 065-075. The coding of mental disorders was reorganized again in 2007, with alcohol and substance abuse disorders split into separate categories and miscellaneous disorders renumbered. There are no other comparability issues.


  • 1996-2015: All current conditions.


  • 1996-2015



This variable has no flags.