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SAQ: Relationship of proxy to adult


ADPRXY indicates the relationship of the proxy who completed the Self-Administered Questionnaire to the adult.

Codes and Frequencies

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Beginning in 2017, MEPS limited the number of response categories for ADPRXY. To maintain the comparability of response categories over time, IPUMS MEPS uses a two-digit coding structure in which the first digit represents broader response categories available in all years and the second digit provides additional categories only available in some years. For example, all responses referring to "Other relative" share the first digit of "6," while codes 61 through 66 provide the additional categories "grandchild," "sibling," "grandparent," "aunt/uncle," "niece/nephew," and "other."


  • 2015-2021: Adults aged 18 and older.


  • 2015-2021



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