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Updated hourly wage at current main job, round record


For persons aged 16 and older who are in scope and have a continuing current main job and whose hourly wage changed from a previous round (or who did not know if their hourly wage changed from a previous round), WAGENEWRD reports the updated hourly wage for the person's current main job on the round record. Values are not presented for persons whose initial wage was imputed, even if they reported an updated wage in a subsequent round interview. WAGENEWRD does not include imputed values; any missing response information is set to "Not ascertained." Hourly wage variables are top-coded.

Please see the Codes and Comparability tabs for more information on differences in top-coded values over time.


WAGENEWRD is a 4-digit numeric variable with two decimal places that reports the new hourly wage of the person. That is, values of 0123 should be interpreted as 1.23. The command files delivered with IPUMS extracts automatically divide WAGENEWRD by 100, so no further adjustment is needed. Values should be interpreted as nominal dollar amounts with the exception of the following specific codes for missing, unknown, or top-coded values:

00.00: NIU
65.63: $65.63 or higher (2004)
70.91: $70.91 or higher (2007)
72.12: $72.12 or higher (2005-2006, 2008)
74.52: $74.52 or higher (2009-2010)
75.00: $75.00 or higher (2011)
75.76: $75.76 or higher (2012)
76.96: $76.96 or higher (2013)
78.00: $78.00 or higher (2014)
80.00: $80.00 or higher (2015)
84.13: $84.13 or higher (2016)
96.15: $96.15 or higher (2017-2019)
99.98: Not ascertained


The top-code for this variable changes in most years. Please see the Codes tab for information on the top-code for each year.


  • 2004-2021: Persons aged 16 and older who are in scope and have a continuing current main job from a previous round and reported receiving a different hourly wage than in previous rounds.


  • 2004-2017, 2019-2021



This variable has no flags.