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Other reason hospital is usual source of care: Best care for health condition


For current RU members in round 2 and 4 who go to the hospital as their usual source of care (USCMEDTYP), and who provided a main reason for doing so (WHYUSCHOSP), USHOSYBEST indicates that individuals use the hospital as their primary source of care because it provides the best care for their health condition, in addition to the main reason they specified in WHYUSCHOSP. Persons who reported a main reason for using the hospital as their usual source of care were asked to report any additional reasons, and could list more than one reason as part of this follow-up question, unless they refused to answer, answered "Don't know," or reported that they had no reason other than the main reason reported in WHYNOUSCHOSP.

USHOSYBEST is collected as part of the Access to Care supplement, which gathers information on usual source of care for all family members, characteristics of usual source of care health providers, and barriers family members have faced in obtaining needed health care.

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In all years other than 1996, the question is asked of persons in rounds two and four of data collection. No persons participated in round four of data collection in 1996, given the MEPS panel design. Otherwise, there are no comparability issues.


  • 1999-2001: Current RU members in rounds 2 and 4 who go to hospital as a usual source of care (USCMEDTYP) and provided a main reason for doing so (WHYUSCHOSP), excluding members who are deceased or institutionalized.


  • 1999-2001



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