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Reporting unit result, round record


RURSLTRD indicates the reporting unit's result on the round record. With the exception of not in universe codes, the IPUMS codes match those provided in the original MEPS data. RURSLTRD contains detailed information about the result; numeric codes between 60 and 63 indicate completed interviews, while codes greater than 63 report information about non-completed interviews.

Codes and Frequencies

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Not all RURSLTRD categories are available in all rounds. Some categories have the same label, but are assigned different numeric codes if associated with the first interview of the year (round 1 for respondents in their first survey year, round 3 for respondents in their second survey year) than if they are fielded during a subsequent interview (rounds 2 and 3 for survey year one, rounds 4 and 5 for survey year two). Additionally, some codes are only available for first interview of the year or only available for subsequent interviews.


  • 1996-2021: Persons in scope.


  • 1996-2021



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