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Occupation category (2002-forward), round record


For persons aged 16 and older who are in scope and have a current main job, OCCCATRD reports the occupation category of the person's current main job. OCCCATRD reports the condensed occupation code based on the detailed 4-digit Census classification of a verbatim text field collected during the interview. Please see the Comparability tab for information on changes over time to the underlying detailed coding scheme on which the condensed codes are based. For condensed occupation codes prior to 2002, see OCCCAT90RD.

Codes and Frequencies

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In 2002-2009, the 2003 four-digit Census codes were assigned before collapsing into major occupation categories. Since 2010, the 2010 Census Occupation coding scheme was used for initial classification of verbatim fields before condensing. While the major groupings may appear the same over time, changes to the underlying detailed codes may affect how detailed occupations are assigned to the condensed categories. OCCCATRD is comparable within 2002-2009, and 2010-forward periods, but is not comparable between these groups of years.


  • 2002-2021: Persons aged 16 and older who are in scope and have a current main job.


  • 2002-2021



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