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Annual total of direct health care payments from all other sources to office-based chiropractors


For all persons, OBCHIEXOT captures the sum of direct payments made by all other sources, including other Federal (OBCHIEXOF), other State and local (OBCHIEXOL, other private (OBCHIEXOPR), other public (OBCHIEXOPU), and other unclassified sources (OBCHIEXOS) made to office-based chiropractors. Payments for over-the-counter drugs and indirect payments not related to specific medical events, such as Medicaid Disproportionate Share and Medicare Direct Medical Education subsidies, are not included in this amount. For more information on how MEPS collects expenditure data, please refer to our user note on medical expenditures.

Related variables
Variables related to total annual health care expenditures by source of payment, total annual health care expenditures by type of medical service, and total annual health care charges are also available. Please refer to our user note on expenditures for a list of these variables.


OBCHIEXOT is a 6-digit numeric variable.


This variable is completely comparable over time.


  • 2007-2016: All persons.


  • 2007-2016



This variable has no flags.