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Monthly Medicare health insurance coverage (edited)


For all persons aged 65 and older, MCMMX is a set of edited monthly health insurance variables indicating whether they have Medicare coverage in a given calendar month. For persons aged 65 and older, individuals were assigned Medicare coverage if: (1) They answered "Yes" to a follow-up question on whether they received Social Security benefits; (2) They were covered by Medicaid/SCHIP, other public hospital/physician coverage or Medigap coverage; (3) Their spouse was age 65 or over and covered by Medicare; or (4) They reported TRICARE coverage. By adding MCMMX to your data cart, you are in effect adding 12 monthly health insurance coverage variables (MCJAX-MCDEX), one variable for each calendar month.

Monthly Health Insurance Coverage Variables 

  • MCJAX: Covered by Medicare in January (edited)
  • MCFEX: Covered by Medicare in February (edited)
  • MCMAX: Covered by Medicare in March (edited)
  • MCAPX: Covered by Medicare in April (edited)
  • MCMYX: Covered by Medicare in May (edited)
  • MCJUX: Covered by Medicare in June (edited)
  • MCJLX: Covered by Medicare in July (edited)
  • MCAUX: Covered by Medicare in August (edited)
  • MCSEX: Covered by Medicare in September (edited)
  • MCOCX: Covered by Medicare in October (edited)
  • MCNOX: Covered by Medicare in November (edited)
  • MCDEX: Covered by Medicare in December (edited)

Detail about Insurance Editing 

In Rounds 2, 3, 4, and 5, insurance that was in effect at the previous round's interview date was reviewed with the respondent. Most of the insurance variables have been logically edited to address issues that arose during such reviews in Rounds 2, 3, 4, and 5. Edits address issues of missing data on the time period of coverage that was either reviewed or initially reported in a given round.


This is a 1-digit numeric variable.


These variables are completely comparable over time.


  • 1996-2021: All persons aged 65+.


  • 1996-2021



This variable has no flags.