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Honorable discharge from armed forces active duty, round record


[ PRELIMINARY VARIABLE: Variable description may change once we confirm the universe and assess the comparability of this variable over time. ]

For persons aged 17 and older who are in scope, HONDSCGRD reports if the person has been honorably discharged from active duty in the Armed Forces.

This variable does not differentiate among those who were not honorably discharged and served in the Armed Forces, and those who were not honorably discharged because they did not serve in the Armed Forces. Current military service is reported in the variable NOWAFRD, but this does not report past service. Persons who are currently serving on active duty are given a distinct code.

Codes and Frequencies

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The comparability of this variable over time has not yet been assessed.


The universe for this variable has not yet been confirmed.


  • 2006-2018



This variable has no flags.