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Has any private health insurance


For all persons, HIPRIVATE is an annual summary variable that indicates whether the person had private health insurance coverage from any source, including TRICARE/CHAMPVA, for at least one day during the calendar year. This variable was constructed by AHRQ staff based on the values of the corresponding 12 month-by-month private health insurance coverage variables (PRIJA-PRIDE).

Codes and Frequencies

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Beginning in 2000, persons with TRICARE health insurance coverage were included in the definition of private health insurance coverage for the purposes of constructing HIPRIVATE. Prior to 2000, persons with CHAMPVA health insurance coverage, the precursor to TRICARE, were considered to have public health insurance coverage for the purposes of constructing HIPRIVATE.

This change in the construction of HIPRIVATE may limit comparability between 2000 and later years with earlier years, unless analysts use the monthly health insurance variables to construct a version of HIPRIVATE that excludes TRICARE for the 2000 and later time period.


  • 1996-2021: All persons.


  • 1996-2021



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