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Eligibility status as of December 31


ELIG1231 indicates a person's eligibility status as of 12/31 of the survey year. All key, inscope persons of a sampled responding unit are eligible for data colleciton. The only non-key persons eligible for data collection are those who are living in a responding unit with at least one key, inscope person. At the point where this person is no longer living with a key, inscope person, they are no longer considered eligible. The only out-of-scope persons who are considered eligible are those who are living with a key, inscope person, and, again, only for the period that they are living with this person. Only members of the military can meet this description. For keyness, see the variable KEYNESS and for inscope status as of 12/31 of the survey year, see the variable INSCOP1231.

Codes and Frequencies

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This variable is completely comparable across time.


  • 1996-2021: All persons.


  • 1996-2021



This variable has no flags.