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Now use preventive daily asthma medication, round record


[ PRELIMINARY VARIABLE: Variable description may change once we confirm the universe and assess the comparability of this variable over time. ]

For persons who reported they ever used preventive asthma medication (ASTHPREVRD), ASTHPRENOWRD reports if the person currently uses this medication daily or almost daily. Persons who are in scope in round 5 of the panel in relative year 2 or round 3 of the panel in relative year 1, who reported ever being diagnosed with asthma, and who indicated they still had asthma or had an episode/attack of asthma in the past 12 months answered additional questions about asthma medication and peak flow meters.

Codes and Frequencies

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The comparability of this variable over time has not yet been assessed.


The universe for this variable has not yet been confirmed.


  • 2003-2016



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