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Any limitation reported


[ PRELIMINARY VARIABLE: Variable description may change once we confirm the universe and assess the comparability of this variable over time. ]

ANYLMT is a summary measure of whether a person has any IADL, ADL, functional, or activity limitations. ANYLMT is constructed by AHRQ staff based on round-level information. The rounds in which information about limitations is collected changes over time, as noted in more detail under the Comparability tab.


ANYLMT is constructed from round-level component variables (not currently available in IPUMS MEPS) measuring IADLs, ADLs, work limitations, and activity limitations (in all years), and limitations in seeing and/or hearing (in years before 2013). If any of these components were coded "Yes," then ANYLMT is coded as "Yes." If all components were coded "No," then ANYLMT is coded as "No." If all components were coded as "Inapplicable" (Not in Universe), then ANYLMT was also coded as "Not in Universe." If some components were coded as "No" and others had missing value codes, ANYLMT was coded as "Not ascertained."

Codes and Frequencies

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The comparability of this variable over time has not yet been assessed.


The universe for this variable has not yet been confirmed.


  • 1996-2017



This variable has no flags.