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Annual total charges for health care from ambulatory physician assistants


For all persons, AMPACHTOT captures the sum of fully established charges for care received from ambulatory physician assistants during the year, excluding those for prescribed medicines. Ambulatory care visits are those that involve medical provider and hospital outpatient combined visits. This variable does not usually reflect actual payments made for services, which can be substantially lower due to factors such as negotiated discounts, bad debt, and free care. For more information on how MEPS collects expenditure and charge data, please refer to our user note on medical expenditures.

Related variables
Variables related to total annual health care charges by source of payment, total annual health care charges by type of medical service, and analogous information for health care expenditures are also available. Please refer to our user note on medical expenditures for a list of these variables.


AMPACHTOT is a 6-digit numeric variable.


This variable is completely comparable over time.


  • 1997-2016: All persons.


  • 1997-2016



This variable has no flags.